Epic Custom Apps is a developer of apps for the iPhone and iPad. We current have three Apps in the App store. All are free and have no advertising.


Trak’n’Turn provides tools that can be used to keep track of things that we often try to remember by committing them to memory – an approach that many will agree often fails. It offers two distinct features:

  • The ability to keep track of whose turn it is to take responsibility for something. You can use it to keep track of whose turn it is to perform a chore, pick up a lunch tab, bring refreshments for the little league team or anything else involving a group of individuals who have agreed to share responsibility for something. Implementing this feature of Trak’n’Turn is as easy as creating a group, entering its members or selecting them from your contacts and, when the time comes, checking off which of the group members is next. Trak’n’Turn can even send a message to some or all group members letting them know who is responsible next time.
  • A mechanism for tracking events that occur as they occur. Whether the event has to do with maintaining your home or auto, taking care of your grandchild, keeping track of tools that you’ve loaned to a neighbor or anything else turn to Trak’n’Turn to help remember. How often have you wished you recorded things that happen to you or that you had a ready mechanism for doing so.


MathWright was developed as a tool for students having fine motor impairments who are unable to complete their math assignments using pencil and paper. It allows them to easily, independently and legibly complete and hand in assignments involving the four basic math operations.


Use eRoosha to create a home inventory, document progress over time, maintain a depository of important papers or save groups of images that don’t have to be retained in your iOS photos.

eRoosha was designed so that each collection can serve as a section of a catalog that you can share with others. The people with whom you share your catalogs can “like” any of the items and return their “like” file to you. Use eRoosha to display your talents, determine which members of the next generation are interested in your treasures or just to save images that are important to you.